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An organizational gap can be a weakness or hole in the way IT interacts with the business or in terms of how IT resources have been organized internally. Use the OptimizeIT “IT Organizational Gaps” tool to help document points of concern with your organization structure.

This tool is designed to:

  • Detail the capabilities of the IT department.
  • Evaluate resources and competencies.
  • Determine if IT is equipped to support business goals and objectives.

Compare the structure of the IT organization with the structure of the corporation. Misalignment can occur when the corporation has adopted one type of organizing model while the IT organization adopts another. IT organizational assessment is essential to determine the overall capabilities of the IT department.


Note: Continue evaluating and refining your role in the business using the IT Strategy tools in OptimizeIT. Develop your own effective IT Strategy using best practices found here: Optimizing IT Strategy.









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