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The purpose of this bundle is to assist you in creating the basis of the actual DRP document itself. Armed with the results of your business impact analysis and risk assessments, you are now ready for IT Continuity Plan Creation, which is comprised of four distinct steps:

  1. Set project scope.
  2. Create recovery objectives.
  3. Document the DRP.
  4. Communicate the plan.

Once complete, the plan should include all appropriate actions that must be taken if the DRP is ever invoked. After the plan has been created, it is very important to revisit and revise it at least annually.

Tools included in this bundle:

  • Disaster Recovery Planning Workbook
  • DRP Communications Plan
  • DRP Publications Sign-Off
  • DRP Team Build Sheet
  • DRP Template
  • Hot Site/Cold Site Selection
  • Penetration Testing Checklist & Agreement
  • Recovery Control Meeting
  • Recovery Objectives Worksheet

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Published: May 13, 2009
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