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Availability and performance are strong drivers for infrastructure change. This tool addresses your infrastructure challenges by analyzing performance and availability levels of multiple infrastructure areas.

This tool evaluates five key infrastructure areas:

  • Storage
  • Servers
  • Telephony
  • Networking
  • Facility

Use this tool to help you prioritize your infrastructure needs and decide on your next project.

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  • Missing comment
    Russell Franklin | 05-28-2010

    Prescription template provides is, in my opinion, very weak.

    • 9eb6a2810126f534ebf65557616f34d1 comment
      Info-Tech Research Group | 10-21-2011

      Thank you for your comment. Our objective with the tool is to help clients determine what types of infrastructure projects should be considered to deal with specific availability or performance challenges. There are other notes and solution sets that provide detailed guidance for the specific initiatives suggested by the tool.


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