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Managing data continues to be a challenge in many medium and large-sized enterprises. With a wide range of systems, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and other enterprise systems, data volumes are much greater than ever before. Without an enterprise vision, the overall costs associated with managing information across the company can have a profound impact on the IT budget. IT leaders must plan for the information growth and ensure that all projects align with the plan to attain true value from the data at the lowest cost possible. This research note is geared towards IT Leaders and Enterprise Architects who struggle with the high cost of storing and leveraging information for enterprise use. Topics include:

  • The information volume challenge.
  • The value of information in competitive markets.
  • The definition of an Information Architecture Roadmap (IAR).
  • The elements that can impact an IAR.
  • Four steps in building an IAR.

Utilizing existing and past company data in strategic business decision making can mean the difference between a leader and a follower in any industry.

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