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The purpose of this Standard Operating procedure is to ensure that all staff responsible for Incident Management are aware of the objectives, roles, and procedures involved in every phase of the process. This document should be used as a best-practice guide, and can either be adapted or used as an example to guide your organization’s own process formalization.

This template includes procedures for the following phases of Incident Management:

  • Incident Intake
  • Initial Triage
  • Incident Classification
  • Incident Escalation
  • Incident Investigation and Diagnosis
  • Incident Resolution
  • Critical Incident Procedures
  • Process Metrics and Reporting

Use this template to develop standard operating procedures that will successfully manage the entire lifecycle of an incident. Use the blueprint: Establish a Right-Sized Incident Management Process, to guide you in formalizing your procedures and adapting the recommendations to best fit your organization.

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Establish a Right-Sized Incident Management Process

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