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While most people don't leave every light in the house on 24 hours a day, the same cannot be said for office environments. However, this energy consumption can be managed easily. Multiple options exist to save power and costs, and decrease the carbon footprint of the enterprise every day of the year. Use the Info-Tech Advisor “PC Power Management Policy and Agreement” template, and the suggestions below, to assist with the implementation of an organization-wide energy savings plan. Ensure that all employee machines are set to match company standards and that every employee has signed the agreement.

Can Small Changes Save Money?

Typical incandescent bulbs use 60 to 100 watts, while the average compact fluorescent uses 16 watts. In contrast, the average desktop PC uses 50 to 400 watts depending on configuration, and while in use, that same desktop can use anywhere from 150 to 800 watts. A high-end video card can use upwards of 200 watts just on its own.

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