If movies and TV are to be believed, the Zombie Apocalypse is inevitable. What will separate the survivors from the victims is how you handle the unrelenting hordes.

This brief video will show you how to keep your business running during these dark times.

  • Knowledge is power. Identify an infected co-worker, know how to protect yourself, stay safe.
  • Create a strong group dynamic. Identify key roles and fill them with the right people.
  • Understand the different types of assailants, knowing your enemy is key to securing your safety.
  • Solution: This three minute video will identify what you need to do to keep working in the face of an outbreak, give you communication recommendations, and tell you the safest place to be.

This April Fool's video will show you how Info-Tech's recommendations could save your life (or at least make your job easier).

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  • Missing comment
    Bob Cushman | 04-01-2010

    Very cute. Nice way to start the day.

  • Missing comment
    David Wandelt | 04-01-2010

    Gotta love it! Thanks for the invaluable...er...information!

  • Missing comment
    Steve Shepard | 04-01-2010

    That Baby Blue Tie was something else!

  • Missing comment
    Rob Gilmore | 04-01-2010

    All work and no play... Gotta have some fun. Thanks!

  • Missing comment
    Joe Arnett | 04-01-2010

    Good job guys!!! I enjoyed the humor.

  • Missing comment
    Trevor Rickards | 04-01-2010

    Minless shuffling....oh, you mean users. We have lots of them, if you give them coffee it seems to keep them quiet.

  • Missing comment
    Mark Lauteren | 04-01-2010

    Good stuff gang!

  • Missing comment
    Susan Eidem | 04-01-2010

    They have been walking around our campus undetected for years. Thanks for finally helping us identify and learn what to do with these "people". The server room is a great idea for a hideout!

  • Missing comment
    Dave Houlette | 04-01-2010

    Ah, so that's what those are - and we thought they were upper-level managers all this time! Thanks for the warning!

  • Ce14c03bd2fd06a86e4529eaec00b057 comment
    Mike Butler | 04-01-2010

    That's Brilliant!

  • C999a47db8f8551a4250377410e5ac23 comment
    Ron Matuschek | 04-01-2010

    Well done!

  • Missing comment
    Drew Dutton | 04-01-2010

    Loved it! Great job!

  • 07653f1d9f607644cc2380009eed3d13 comment
    Matt | 02-14-2011

    Tons of fun!


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