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There are many benefits that drive companies to implement teleworking programs, including improved employee recruitment and retention rates, reduced employee commuting time, and reduced office space requirements. However, before companies can offer the option of teleworking, they need to ensure proper policies and guidelines are in place.

Establish Teleworking Criteria

Telework programs must be implemented fairly and each employee's eligibility judged by the same criteria. A teleworking opportunity may be appropriate if the following criteria are met:

  • Role does not require the employee to be physically present in the office to interact with co-workers or clients
  • Role performed on an individual basis with clear measurable deliverables. For example, sales people, phone workers, help desk technicians, programmers, analysts, researchers, writers, and data entry workers
  • Employee has been a part of the company for a specified period of time, generally one year
  • Employee is responsible, self motivated, independent and has good performance and disciplinary track records
  • Remote access to systems, applications and equipment is securely available for the employee's use

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Published: April 22, 2008
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