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With the recent push for organizations to be more environmentally responsible, small enterprises are looking for ways to be green. One major green initiative, and the largest opportunity for IT to save energy, is the optimization of server room cooling. Not only does this reduce the small enterprise's carbon footprint, but it also cuts costs.

This note is the second in a three-part series that examines what IT can do to improve overall energy efficiency, reduce power requirements, and green the department. Key topics include:

  • The projected growth in cooling capacity as a result of high-density server racks. 
  • Discussion of the cooling burden factor. 
  • Best practices such as cool aisle/hot aisle layouts that lower cooling requirements and save energy.

Understand how to improve energy efficiency in the server room to save money and save the environment.

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Published: January 21, 2009
Last Revised: January 21, 2009


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