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A recent Info-Tech study surveyed over 800 organizations on environmental attitudes and actions. The results capture both the growing green momentum in early 2008, as well as the slowing momentum as a result of the tough economic climate in 2009. This tool examines the following metrics:

  • Green Intent: weighting of business versus environmental importance for green initiatives.
  • Green IT Implemented: adoption rates for nine specific green IT initiatives.
  • Green Action: initiatives taken outside IT to reduce an enterprise's overall carbon footprint.

Use this tool to benchmark the organization against peers in various categories. Understand whether the enterprise is a leader or follower in the green space, and use the recommendations to increase green IT maturity.


This downloadable tool is associated with the research note, “Green IT Maturity Growth in a Tough Economy.”

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  • Missing comment
    Erin Cooke | 08-12-2011

    There is a significant gap in the "green purchasing" side of these recommendations - no mention of EPEAT compliance, nor focus on EPA Energy Star - which would be an essential gauge of "green IT maturity" of an organization.

    • 9eb6a2810126f534ebf65557616f34d1 comment
      Info-Tech Research Group | 08-17-2011

      Thanks for your comment. This particular publication is from 2009. Instead, please have a look at this solution set:Take a Strategic Approach to Maximize the Benefits of Green IT.


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