IT often struggles with managing small remote branch offices. With less than ten users and no IT support on-site, these offices often have expensive WAN connections, domain controllers, file servers, and sometimes even e-mail and application servers on site that need to be managed and maintained. This all adds up to high operational costs and likely a sub-par end-user experience in many smaller branches. Consider the following options to reduce costs and improve IT operations for small branches.

Evaluate WAN Connectivity

Many smaller branch offices have costly T1s in place for connectivity with regional or head office. There are many higher bandwidth, less expensive options available that can slash costs by 75% or more. For example, a T1 might cost $500/month or more, while a DSL or cable Internet connection with more download bandwidth and slightly less upload bandwidth can be had for as little as $40-$60/month. And with emerging options such as Verizon FiOS becoming available that provide ten times the symmetrical bandwidth of a T1 for as little as $100/month, enterprises should definitely re-evaluate the practice of deploying T1s at small branches.

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