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With the release of Microsoft Exchange 2010, organizations now have a real e-mail archiving option, built into Exchange. For more information, refer to the ITA Premium research note, “What’s New in Exchange 2010?” This is a major milestone for Exchange; however, it is important for evaluators to note that exchange archiving is too limited for broader enterprise records management.

More than the glorified server journaling feature available in previous versions of Exchange, this is a real e-mail archive. Microsoft has also added discovery tools and a permission-based system allowing business users (e.g. HR, legal department, regulatory affairs department) to perform e-mail discovery, without the assistance of IT personnel.

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    Taylor Battye | 09-08-2010

    Archive folder access is only available via OWA or Outlook 2010 client. There is a patch being developed for Outlook 2007 which may take a few months. Outlook 2003 will not work as it is no longer supported, so additional costs should be considered.


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