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External public social networks, such as FacebookMySpaceLinkedIn and Friendster can be valuable sales, marketing, and support tools for many organizations, due to the extensive network of users, organized into groups and communities. The Friend-of-a-Friend trust model that interconnects members of a social network is also useful as a conduit for product testimonials and referrals.

There are several ways an organization can benefit from using external public social networks. The following are examples of legitimate business usage of public social networks:


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Published: July 8, 2008
Last Revised: July 8, 2008


  • Missing comment
    Mark Citron | 05-26-2010

    These guidline misses the mark for me. I am more intersted in guidlines addressing employees who are using personal social networks to post confidential or potentially damaging information about the company. Any policies about that?

  • Missing comment
    Alison Macready | 10-31-2010

    I agree with Mark - I would like to see some guidelines / research on what companies are doing about personal usage of social networks in the workplace (eg should my company block access to social networking sites).


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