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For many storage buyers, a decision to go with a clustered iSCSI storage solution rather than a traditional storage array meant a decision between leading products from EqualLogic or LeftHand Networks. Now both these vendors have been purchased by more established companies.

This note examines:

  • Storage clustering as a differentiator for LeftHand and EqualLogic. 
  • How EqualLogic and LeftHand differ from each other. 
  • Predictions for the future now that these two standard-bearers have been acquired.

The acquisition of these two companies by more established technology vendors – Dell and HP – is indicative of a mainstreaming not only of iSCSI but also of clustered storage models. Vendors of traditional storage arrays will be challenged to show where these disruptive models fit into the larger storage picture.

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Search Code: 8495
Published: February 10, 2009
Last Revised: February 10, 2009


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