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The idea that payroll is just an HR problem is a dangerous misconception. Payroll is heavily reliant on IT's infrastructure capabilities to meet the needs of the enterprise. A solution becomes more complex and expensive depending on the number of employees, industry, growth strategy, management preferences, and required features.

Payroll, Evolved

Payroll was once a task which simply involved looking up names and writing out checks. It has now evolved into an intricate process of managing schedules, pay structures, tax and benefit payments, and online connectivity. The features of modern payroll software include:

  • Calculation of the amount earned for each employee (including over-time, vacation, etc.)
  • Payment to the employee (whether by check or electronic banking)
  • Payment of legislative dues (taxes, pension, etc.)
  • Payment to benefit providers (insurance, health, dental)
  • Online connectivity for automated banking, government reporting, etc.
  • End-of-year tax reporting, as well as records of employment upon termination

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