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Develop EA Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that support EA Policy, vision, and mission.

Step 1: Create your organization-specific EA SOP using Info-Tech’s EA Standard Operating Procedures Template as a starting point. The EA process documentation should define EA process in terms of:

  • EA management practices (in terms of Objective, Activities, Triggering Events, Inputs, and Outputs).
  • EA process RACI.
  • EA management practice workflow diagrams.
  • Interactions between EA management and other processes.

Consider choosing a different name for your EA SOP. Use the terminology accepted within your organization.Alternative names include:

  • EA Process Guidelines.
  • EA Handbook.
  • EA Playbook.
  • EA Cookbook.

Use this template in conjunction with the project blueprint, Assess and Optimize EA Capability.

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Published: March 14, 2014
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