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This note is targeted at the non-profit firm's IT leader tasked with leveraging the Internet to run better fund-raising campaigns. It contains recommendations and cautions – insights gained through a case study of Barack Obama's 2008 presidential race, and a campaign that demonstrated the potential returns and drawbacks of using Web 2.0 technologies to boost online fund-raising.

Web 2.0 Tools in Modern Fund-raising

Creating a Social Website

A Web site should feature credible, original content. Information provided should be valuable, timely, and allow users to share what they learn with their own social networks. A dynamic Web site is more expensive, but it is also sticky – encouraging user participation via discussion boards, blogs, and virtual media. Trends indicate that increased online involvement often leads to higher levels of activism in the real world. While focused on the retail industry, the McLean Report research note, “Retail: Optimize Your Web Site's Selling Potential” has some helpful tips.

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