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25% of Wireless LAN Implementations realize cost savings or increased revenue while the remaining 75% experience a long list of intangible benefits.

Wireless LANs (WLANs) are being deployed in over half of all organizations and are primarily used in 9 different ways. While each of these 9 uses can add value, they do not apply to all organizations. By considering certain characteristics of your organization, you can determine the most appropriate applications of your WLAN and the extent of your benefits.

This report addresses three fundamental questions:

  • What WLAN uses will benefit your organization?
  • How much should you spend on the WLAN implementation?
  • What are best practices for implementing a WLAN?

Complete with tools to guide you on best fit WLAN uses and implementation considerations, this report will help you:

  • Understand how WLAN deployments differ by company size, industry, and organizational characteristics
  • Understand why intangible benefits are impact enough to justify the WLAN investment
  • Assess your fit with a WLAN and determine which use(s) will benefit your organization
  • Determine the potential benefits a WLAN will have on your organization
  • Understand the spend components of a WLAN implementation
  • Identify pitfalls specific to WLAN implementation and management
  • Create an 8-step best practice implementation plan
  • Select your WLAN security
  • Establish time and resource requirements for your implementation
  • Review case studies to understand a variety of real world implementations

Deploying Wireless LANs for Business Benefit

Tools included:

  • WLAN Use Decision Tool: This downloadable Excel tool guides you in determining the most appropriate uses of a WLAN for your organization.
  • WLAN Implementation Decision Tool: This downloadable Excel tool guides you in determining the approximate number of Access Points, spend range and expected planning and implementation time.

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