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Well-managed relationships are an integral piece of successful fund-raising. That is why IT should take charge of creating, maintaining, and deploying a system that securely stores donor information. Following are three ways in which a donor management software system can increase donations while reducing stress, cost, and frustration:

  • Data is more organized. Enable better tracking of donor information (name, phone number, e-address), communications sent, events attended, reasons for donations, amounts given, etc. Use this data to segregate donors into very specific demographics for targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Better insight into the effectiveness of fund-raising efforts. How effective were the ads on Facebook? What drove the most traffic to the Web site? IT can use the software to analyze the effectiveness of various fund-raising efforts.
  • Increase organizational productivity. Donor management software that enforces constant updates optimizes volunteer efforts, so the same people are not contacted repeatedly. A well-managed system ensures that communication efforts are as effective as possible.

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