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Take a thorough assessment of changes to your data center. This Data Center Roadmap Assessment Tool allows you to take stock of the most important questions behind a technology, process or people change to your organization. Based on weightings specific to your organization, it assess the maturity of the solution and its fit for your organization.

This Data Center Roadmap Assessment Tool provides the following functionalities:

  • Weightings based on the importance of factors to specific organizations.
  • An assessment of both a technology, process or people change’s maturity and its fit to a given organization.
  • A list of additional concerns based on answers to specific questions, as well as a warning based on the uncertainty in the information provided.

The tool will place technologies in one of four catagories based on the information provided: ready for short-term roadmap, reevaluate as the market matures, reevaluate as needs change, or keep of roadmap.

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