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Rich Internet Applications (RIA) blend the benefits of instant Web access to centralized data with a user experience that is both easy to use and cool to watch. But just because they're cool, doesn't mean they're always a good investment. To ensure RIAs make good business sense, calculate their ROI using this Excel download.

This tool evaluates customer-facing RIAs in the following areas:

  • Making money by increasing conversions, cross-channel sales, and upsell.
  • Saving money by reducing contact-center costs.

Use this ROI calculator to determine if customer-facing RIAs are a good development investment in the B2C or B2B space.


This downloadable tool is associated with the research note, “Rich Internet Applications: Development Dollars Well Spent?” To evaluate the business case for employee-facing applications, use the “Employee-Facing RIA ROI Calculator.”

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