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This tool allows enterprises to profile their content and email archiving requirements and generate a rank-ordered vendor shortlist from a fixed list of vendors. Vendor profiles are based on Info-Tech’s recent in-depth review of the content and email archiving market. The tool includes the following specific aspects of analysis:

  • Variable prioritization for product suitability on the following factors:
    • Advanced features including hierarchical storage management and full text-based search.
    • Product usability.
    • Product architecture.
    • Relative cost.
  • Variable prioritization for vendor suitability on the following factors:
    • Vendor viability.
    • Vendor focus on content and email archiving and on the mid-to-large enterprise market.
    • Breadth of the vendor support organization.
    • Size and strength of the channel.
  • Weightings to adjust the contribution of various suitability factors to overall vendor ranking.
  • A self-sorted ranking list of content and email archiving vendors. The ranking is based on user input.

Narrow the vendors to a shortlist of solutions that best satisfy your organization’s requirements before sending out RFPs and scheduling vendor demonstrations.

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Published: November 8, 2013
Last Revised: July 23, 2015


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