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In enterprises where compliance is a known cost of doing business and auditing is a predictable task, a pre-emptive approach to compliance can reduce the cost of compliance projects down the line, and leave the enterprise well-prepared for future auditor visits. A proactive approach to compliance management is accomplished through two steps:

  1. Build and Manage the Compliance Framework
  2. Assure Ongoing Integrity of Internal Controls

Tools included in this bundle:

  • Access Controls and SOX Controls Testing Worksheets
  • Best Practice Framework Selection Tool
  • Job Description - Chief Privacy Officer
  • Job Description - Chief Risk Officer
  • Compliance Checklist for Requirements
  • Compliance Management Software Readiness Assessment
  • Compliance Staffing Tool
  • Control Self-Assessment Tool
  • Job Description - Corporate Compliance Officer
  • Data Classification Guide
  • Information Technology Standards and Guidelines
  • Job Description - IT Asset Manager
  • Job Description - IT Controls Auditor
  • Job Description - Sarbanes-Oxley Project Manager
  • System Development Lifecycle Control Checklist
  • Service Provider Compliance Assessment

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Published: May 13, 2009
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