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(By Info-Tech Analyst Gareth Doherty - Printed with permission from Processor magazine

Business intelligence vendors have been praising their BI solutions as the cure of choice for the current economic downturn. IT leaders, however, usually have a healthy amount of skepticism when it comes to such claims. But this vendor push has received some interesting support, with notable analyst firms and industry experts joining the chorus. Is investing in BI during a recession really such a good idea?

A Cure For Current Economic Woes?

On the surface, the argument for implementing a BI solution during a recession seems straightforward enough. When times are tough, enterprises need to be even more vigilant about how they manage business performance. BI solutions can deliver critical insight to inform better decisions around cost management, resource optimization, and revenue generation. Therefore, BI can solve a business’ economic problems.

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Published: September 15, 2009
Last Revised: September 15, 2009


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