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The ability to analyze enterprise data to support tactical and strategic business decisions is a mandate of small and large businesses alike. Recent market changes now mean that it is possible to create an effective Business Intelligence (BI) solution to fit the constraints of a smaller IT budget.

This Info-Tech research report - "Business Intelligence on a Budget" - explains how the need for data analytics can be effectively satisfied in smaller organizations. Topics covered include:

  • The challenges of BI in smaller shops.
  • Components of BI solutions and analytics tools.
  • Basic low-cost approaches to BI acquisition.
  • Solutions selection and implementation issues.

Low cost BI solutions are a part of an inevitable trend toward "BI for the masses," in which BI analytics are becoming less complicated, easier to use, and less expensive. As it does so, however, be sure to demand solutions that can address different types of problems and work within differing types of infrastructure.

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Published: January 3, 2006
Last Revised: January 3, 2006


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