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As data environments within organizations grow and change according to business needs, so too should the data security strategy needed to protect your organization from data breaches and audits. The increase in complexity of threats, as well as compliance requirements due to recent data-related scares, makes it hard to keep ahead of attacks and fines, and the blame can fall directly on you.

This blueprint helps you stay ahead of the security curve by providing you with the tools and knowledge you need to adapt to growing legal and security requirements for your organization’s data.

This blueprint is divided into the following phases:

  • Phase 1: Build Your Data Security Profile
  • Phase 2: Prepare to Pass Your Data Audit
  • Phase 3: Embed Ongoing Data Security into the Fabric of Your Organization

By systematically following steps to create a data security strategy, you can avoid the pains of data breaches and audits, including fines, a loss of reputation and productivity, and create peace of mind for all involved in keeping your organization's data safe.

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Build Your Data Security Armor to Withstand Attacks and Audits – Sample
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