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Business Process Management (BPM) is a nebulous term that drives expensive software acquisitions and may result in poorly executed organizational initiatives. These debacles occur because executives have a poor understanding of what BPM entails, and believe they can buy their way to management nirvana.

Adopting BPM is inherently a challenging proposition because of the three different concepts involved in the paradigm: business, process, and management. Executives considering BPM should understand what these three concepts mean and how to leverage them correctly to ensure a successful adoption of the BPM paradigm.

This research addresses the issues surrounding BPM and provides executives with:

  • A working definition of BPM that reflects its multi-concept nature.
  • An overview of the three frameworks that should be part of all BPM initiatives.

Executives should keep a clear definition of BPM in mind as they consider the process management paradigm. Those who understand how all the components work together to enhance business strategy will ensure their BPM initiative succeeds.

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