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Info-Tech Research Group has developed a free Web-based assessment tool that evaluates an organization’s fit for application management services, or AMS. AMS, also called application outsourcing, is the contracting of software application development or management to a specialized partner, rather than doing it in house. The assessment collects information about an organization’s IT and business strategy, and provides a customized evaluation that outlines the probability of success as well as the challenges and risks involved in AMS. The tool, available at, also provides custom recommendations on project management to improve an organization’s success with an AMS project.

AMS can provide IT organizations with cost-effective and flexible way of tapping the technical resources needed to develop and manage applications, according to Howard Kiewe, senior research analyst with Info-Tech Research Group. The assessment, he adds, is an easy way for organizations to evaluate if AMS is right for them.

“While AMS can deliver benefits to many organizations, optimal results will only come from smart managers making smart decisions,” says Kiewe. “Understanding your organization's AMS readiness, selecting the right partner, and actively managing the relationship are key elements to success.

The assessment tool is based on in-depth research of more than 130 North American organizations that use AMS. The study found that organizations that clearly defined their requirements, carefully selected an AMS partner, and actively managed the relationship were successful regardless of the size of their organization or type of software outsourced

The primary reason organizations engage an AMS partner is to access to specialized skills, the study reveals. "While cost reduction is sought after and accomplished by some organizations, for most the key driver is the rapid delivery of quality software" say Kiewe. "Specialized software provides a compelling competitive advantage but many organizations don't want the financial risk of recruiting and managing the programming talent to deliver it quickly, so they fill the gap with AMS. Layoffs are uncommon because most organizations are adding to their existing capacity, rather than replacing in-house staff."

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