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Many IT managers have difficulty deciding on appropriate service level agreements (SLAs) to include in their application maintenance outsourcing (AMO) initiatives. Even when a provider supplies its own SLAs, it is worthwhile to compare the provider’s SLA against typical AMO SLAs in order to ensure that the provider’s service levels aren’t too one-sided.

This SLA template is based on interviews that Info-Tech conducted with 10 IT professionals who supplied 11 sample AMO SLAs. These sample SLAs were reviewed and amalgamated in order to create an AMO SLA template that:

  • Provides examples of best practice SLAs for AMO initiatives.
  • Contains easy-to-adapt figures and text to suit the organization’s specific needs.
  • Serves as a baseline for what to expect in an AMO SLA.

Trying to create an AMO SLA document from scratch is time consuming and can cause the organization to miss key elements. Start the AMO initiative off on the right foot by using this template to establish clear and effective AMO service levels.

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