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Application Maintenance Management can be a very involved process. Companies with increasingly complex systems of interrelated applications face a growing need for a formalized application maintenance process. Whether it's planned, routine, or emergency-related, the constant change involved in application maintenance must be managed in order to minimize possible downtime and maximize maintenance efforts without overrunning the maintenance budget.

Application Maintenance Management has four steps:

  • Manage the Application Portfolio.
  • Assess Application Maintenance Maturity.
  • Assess Application Change Management Maturity.
  • Evaluate Application Maintenance Process Performance.

When you have completed these steps, you have a solid understanding of what applications are in place in the enterprise, the relative health of your applications maintenance processes, and guidelines for improvement.

Tools included in this bundle:

  • Application Maintenance Improvement Opportunity Template
  • Applications Maintenance Self-Assessment
  • Application Status Rationalization Tool
  • Application Inventory Tool
  • Change Advisor Board (CAB) Charter
  • Change Management Maturity Assessment
  • CAB Change Management Policy
  • Guide to Understanding and Reporting Application Maintenance Metrics and Trends
  • Release Management Practice ROI Calculator
  • Request Trend and Analysis Tool
  • Routine COTS Application Maintenance Policy

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