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Adaptive Security is a methodology focused at the mid-sized enterprise to achieve the goals of improving security and easing regulatory compliance. Reducing the impact of, and speeding the response to, threats improves security, while compliance is reached through consolidated reporting on user, device, and data activity. Appropriate processes, sustained by the right tools and supported by the correct employees and organizational structure are essential to realize these goals.

This research note will provide the necessary information to allow the enterprise to understand these adjustments and begin planning with clear direction. It is recommended that the plan be broken into three phases:

  • Begin making better use of what is currently available.
  • Adopt enhanced capabilities as they become viable.
  • Move towards consolidation and automation.

Enterprises that fall under current regulatory requirements will receive the most benefit from adopting this model - the security and compliance initiatives will both provide value. However, unregulated enterprises will also be wise to move towards Adaptive Security. The security improvements will reduce vulnerability as the bloom of regulation is ever expanding.

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Published: March 30, 2007
Last Revised: March 30, 2007


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