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By establishing a close relationship with the right vendor, acquired software can help integrate technology, business processes, and future vision. Info-Tech's "A Guide to Acquisitions Process Management" is an In-Depth Report that focuses on best practices associated with the procurement process. Topics of discussion include:

  • Understanding market offerings using tools such as Requests for Information.
  • Establishing acceptance criteria.
  • Contacting vendors via a Request for Proposal.
  • Reviewing vendors and selecting the appropriate vendor.
  • Planning for implementation and maintenance of the acquisition.
  • Managing the vendor relationship.

This report is written from the perspective of acquiring business application software, but the concepts are equally applicable to technical software, hardware, networks, and many other enterprise products and services. Avoid acquisition nightmares by following the clear-cut process outlined in this report.

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    Steve Zimmerman | 09-26-2010

    I am lookiong for some verbiage to add to a software acquisition contract. What is customary to add to the contract in terms of readable format (what format should I expect to recevie the data in) and what documentation should I expect to receive.
    any information on software acquistion contracts would be extremely appreciated.
    Thank you,

    • 9eb6a2810126f534ebf65557616f34d1 comment
      Info-Tech Research Group | 10-29-2010

      Thanks for your comment. Software deliverables typically include code, documentation, and evidence of any tests that are part of the agreement.

      Providers of software products (as opposed to custom developed software) will typically not develop unique documentation for a client. The buyer should assess the adequacy of the standard documentation as part of the vendor assessment. Expect the documentation to be provided electronically in MS Word or PDF format.

      In the case of custom development, if the organization has adopted a standard format for documentation, the contract should include the specifications for that documentation as an appendix to the contract. Include terms in the deliverables part of the Contract, such as "the vendor will provide documentation consistent with the specifications in the Appendix." If the organization has no documentation standard, typical contracts include the requirement for delivery of documentation, but leave the format to the service provider.


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