The future is here – and all eyes are on IT

Emerging technologies like generative AI are fueling exponential change, reshaping industries, and putting technology at the heart of value creation in every organization.

In manufacturing, generative AI technologies hold the key to improving productivity, automating key functions, providing intelligent insights from large volumes of data, and efficiently managing expansive supply chains. It falls to IT to open the door and guide manufacturing leaders through the unfamiliar AI landscape.

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Close the gap on exponential change

  • As the gap continues to widen between traditional IT trajectories and exponential technological advancements, organizations risk falling behind.
  • IT leaders must act now to embrace the rapid acceleration of technological change.
  • Extracting value from emerging technologies requires an Exponential IT mindset that will drive an IT evolution from organizational partner to visionary leader.

Lead your organization into the future of Exponential IT

Attend this roundtable for an insightful and practical discussion:

  • Learn about real-world AI use cases to drive true business outcomes.
  • Explore a holistic Exponential IT framework built on strategic and practical principles across key IT domains.
  • Identify your next steps to change the trajectory of your organization.
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Info-Tech Industry Roundtables

Industry Roundtables are an opportunity to bring key industry peers together through facilitated discussion to share common issues for leaders in the space.

Program Overview

Each Industry Roundtable provides a safe and confidential forum for industry peers to gather and share ideas freely through respectful - yet challenging - discourse. Roundtables dive into current trends driving each industry and technologies affecting operations and value chains.

Roundtables consist of 20-30 members of private, public, and non-profit sectors to share unique challenges and opportunities in managing IT complexities that align with the Roundtables quarterly topic.

Meeting Format

Info-Tech Industry Roundtables occur four (4) times per year quarterly for each industry. Currently, the Roundtable format is virtual to allow for global attendance for each Roundtable. Roundtable last for approximately one hour and include an overview of the Roundtable topic, Info-Tech's unique perspective, open discussion, and actionable next steps.

Each Info-Tech Industry Roundtable has a Roundtable Facilitator and a Subject Matter Expert, both of which have served as CIOs and IT Executives. Members of Roundtables are provided with an intimate format to expand their network and participate in candid discussions.

Application and Group Placement Process

Roundtable members are grouped by their specific industry. Info-Tech has 55 niche industries, ensuring that members are aligned with industry-specific needs and peer groups.

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