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What Are Industry Benchmarking Roundtables?

Our Industry Roundtables are designed to immerse IT executives in the key issues, trends, and technologies in their industries so they can drive stakeholder value.

Insights &
Best Practices

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  • Reference Architectures & Value Streams
  • Industry Trends
  • Peer & Industry Benchmarking
  • Top Technologies


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  • Monthly Executive Collaboration
  • Peer-to-Peer Knowledge Sharing
  • High-Impact Discussion Topics


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  • Custom Deliverables
  • Peer-Validated Initiatives
  • Board-Ready Presentations
  • Custom Next Steps

Deep Insights Tailored to Your Industry


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Business-Aligned IT Strategy

Understand the capabilities and focus areas required to meet your industry’s needs and enable value creation.


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Top Industry

Identify resource, process, and environmental trends impacting your industry. Implement strategies to mitigate specific risks and take advantage of all relevant opportunities.


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Reveal the true state of your IT services, processes, spend, and staffing levels to align your priorities and resources.

Benefit from peer data to get a reference point for how well you stack up.


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Core Industry Technologies & Software Selection

Arm yourself with everything you need to provide the right solutions to meet the needs of your business stakeholders.

Latest Professional Services Notes

Short, tailored research notes aimed at providing you with timely insights, relevant to your industry. Hot off the press, these notes will be published regularly and pair great with your morning coffee.

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Samsung Electronics

Date published

November 1, 2012

  • Mark Anderson

Samsung Electronics is generally accepted to be the largest IT firm in the world. If you live outside of South Korea, however, chances are you know little or nothing about this company. Perhaps this week's discussion will help change its carefully maintained image of bland success.

NetApp Buyer's Advice

Date published

July 21, 2011

  • Barry Cousins

NetApp is not a low-cost solution, but the value comes from reliability and good support. Negotiate on price, but don't overlook the minimum levels of training, professional services, and support needed to ensure success. Buyer's Advice

Date published

July 10, 2011

  • Barry Cousins

Info-Tech's buyer's advice will help you optimize spending on and avoid buyer's remorse.

Cloud Infrastructure Vendors: Flexiant

Date published

June 28, 2011

  • Laura Hansen-Kohls

  • John Sloan

Based in the UK, this is one of the more experienced vendors in the cloud hosting business. However, by their own admission, there are no current plans to expand operations into the North or South American markets. Flexiant is happy to operate mostly in Europe, with some expansion into South East Asia involving partners.

Cloud Infrastructure Vendors: GoGrid

Date published

June 28, 2011

  • Laura Hansen-Kohls

  • John Sloan

GoGrid is poised to become an industry forerunner. The vendor has eight years of hosting experience, offers a great hybrid hosting solution coupled with a dedicated service team, strong SLAs, and a CEO who is very involved in the community (through blog posts, PR events, and sponsorships).

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