Vendor Management

Why should you care?

  • While all IT departments regularly acquire hardware, software or services, there is always somebody who can do it better.
  • Organizations must live with the consequences of their choice of vendor. Making the right choice requires smart shopping.
  • Some vendor selections can be made easily; others require a formal process. Choosing the right selection method is important.
  • Paying proper attention to the terms of the contract is essential to aligning your expectations with those of the vendor.
  • Vendors do what you inspect, not what you expect. Setting and monitoring appropriate metrics is an essential part of ensuring that vendor performance meets expectations.
  • Contracts are not forever. Think about the end of a contract early enough to give your organization real options.

Why should you care?

Why use OptimizeIT for your IT Vendor Management development?

  1. You get a step-by-step approach that makes vendor selection a consistent process.
  2. You can use the process end-to-end, or choose tools and approaches that address your specific concerns.
  3. The process works for all types of product and service selections, hardware, software, technical services and human services.
  4. The process works for both simple and complex purchases.
  5. The process covers the entire lifecycle from the identification of potential vendors through to contract termination or expiry.

What You’ll Get From the IT Vendor Management Program

We’ll supply the tools to help you...


  • Identify potential vendors
  • Provide vendors with a clear description of what you need, so they can respond with their best solution
  • Choose the vendor who best meets your needs


  • Understand standard vendor agreements
  • Identify contract areas that should be changed or enhanced
  • Negotiate agreements that address your needs


  • Establish specific targets for your vendor
  • Set-up a process of measurement and issue management when the vendor’s performance is inadequate
  • Set-up a process for planning what to do when contracts expire, so that you’re not locked into extending existing agreements

You’ll Have Access to a Complete Toolbox:

For Contract Negotiation

  • Contract Negotiation Team Selection Tool
  • Contract Negotiation Team Rules of Engagement Checklist
  • Contract Risk Assessment Tool
  • Guide to Interpreting Standard Contracts
  • Contract Negotiation Plan
  • Contract Approval Documentation Checklist
  • Purchase Recommendation Template
  • Contract Approval Form

For Managing Vendor Performance

  • Key Vendor List
  • Vendor File
  • Performance Metrics Guide
  • Performance Metrics Tracking Document
  • Escalation List Template
  • Issue Log Template
  • Contract Management Policy
  • Contract Management Tool

For Selecting and Evaluating Vendors

  • Purchase Requirements and Specification Checklist
  • Purchasing Policy Template
  • Purchase Strategy Tool
  • Vendor Selection Criteria Guide
  • Vendor List Validation Tool
  • Vendor List and Evaluate Tool
  • Request for Information Template
  • Request for Quotation Template
  • Request for Proposal Template
  • Proposal Receipt Template
  • Proposal Evaluation Tool
  • Supplementary Examination Plan Template

Measurable Results:

Developing and adhering to a long-range Vendor Management program will allow you to better meet business expectations by leveraging a proactive approach.

  • Your process for selecting vendors will be more efficient
  • You will feel more confident of your final vendor choice
  • You and your selected vendor will have a consistent understanding of what is required
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