IT Talent Management

Why should you care?

  • All IT departments have people that must be managed. Period.
  • Labor is typically the leading cost in most IT departments. Taking steps to maximize the investment is an imperative business activity.
  • HR departments typically lack IT-specific knowledge. IT has to take on extra HR work as a result, which means that IT leadership must have in-depth knowledge of HR methods and processes.
  • IT needs to be responsive to business challenges. Having the right skills sets on board in anticipation of those needs creates competitive flexibility.
  • IT’s business credibility rests in the balance. Developing leadership and business acumen within the IT ranks is crucial to IT’s future business success.
  • Change has its biggest impact at the "people level” of an organization. Proactively manage that change before it manages you.

Why use OptimizeIT for your IT Talent Management development?

  1. You get a complete set of IT Talent Management tools all in one place.
  2. You have the ability to pick and choose individual tools as required to meet current needs, or partially completed projects.
  3. You can document common HR policies, processes and procedures for easy reference when you need them.
  4. You’ll be able to assess staffing needs and costs to arrive at concrete numbers and clear recommendations for action.
  5. You can make decisions to maximize existing opportunities and put the foundation in place to take advantage of future ones.

What You’ll Get From the IT Talent Management Program

We’ll supply the tools to help you...


  • Determine current and future staffing needs using objective documentation and measures
  • Select and onboard the right people for the right job
  • Understand the impact of employee turnover to increase retention and develop risk mitigation strategies


  • Build high-performance organizational structures and work teams that are both efficient and effective
  • Evaluate your own leadership approach and identify leadership characteristics in others
  • Act as an organizational leader by effectively communicating IT goals, objectives and strategies with other members of business management


  • Implement a comprehensive staff performance assessment program that offers wins for both the enterprise and the employee
  • Collaborate with employees to arrive at clear development objectives that are realistic, attainable and measurable
  • Evaluate employee training opportunities to ensure that training investment is delivering maximum returns

You’ll Have Access to a Complete Toolbox:

  • IT Staffing Worksheet
  • IT Skills Inventory
  • Staff Level Allocation
  • Maximum Capacity Warning Indicators
  • Evaluating Candidates for Succession Planning
  • IT Salary Worksheet
  • New Employee Cost Calculator
  • New Hire Business Case Template
  • Position Request Form
  • Comparing Staffing Options: Permanent vs. Contract
  • Job Descriptions Template
  • Job Posting Template
  • Interviewing Guide
  • Interview Documentation Form
  • Checklist for Checking References
  • Job Offer Request Form
  • Letter of Agreement Template
  • Welcome E-mail Template
  • Employee Status Change Policy and Form
  • General HR Policies (collection)
  • Time Off Request Form
  • Employee Departure Checkout Checklist
  • Exit Interview
  • Total Cost of Turnover Worksheet
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • Organizational Chart
  • A Checklist for Team-Building
  • Six-Hat Problem Solving Tool
  • Leadership Assessment and Action
  • A Personal Approach for to Planning for IT Leadership Success
  • Communications Scheduling Template
  • Departmental Goals Template
  • Employment Agreement
  • IT Contract Template
  • New Employee Orientation Checklist
  • New Employee IT Resources Request Form
  • Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Non-Compete Agreement
  • Employee Manual
  • Annual Professional Development Plan
  • Quarterly Professional Development Progress Report
  • Coaching Tracking Sheet
  • ROI Calculator for Corporate Training
  • Training Effectiveness Survey
  • IT Annual Report
  • IT Operations Plan Template
  • Quarterly and Annual Performance Evaluation Templates (collection)
  • Project Contribution Feedback
  • Professional Development Program Guide
  • Sample Job Offer Letter

Measurable Results:

Developing and adhering to a long-range Talent Management program will allow you to better meet business expectations by leveraging a proactive approach.

  • Understand and forecast demands on IT human resources to flexibility meet business needs.
  • Minimize risk by hiring the right people with the right skills at the right time.
  • Strengthen the leadership competency within the IT team to increase business impact and credibility.
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