Why should you care?

  • Any company faced with laws and regulations must demonstrate compliance to auditors, executive management, and stakeholders.
  • As the steward of data, applications, and technology assets, IT is a strategic enabler of corporate compliance goals.
  • Laws and regulations are often vague and lacking the prescriptive guidance necessary to complying with them.
  • Knowing where to start and which key processes to document can be a daunting task, especially for companies that have never dealt with compliance issues before.
  • IT must be able to show that reporting, security, and other internal controls are sound, traceable, and repeatable.
  • IT professionals must therefore understand the key issues driving compliance initiatives and take the reins well before the arrival of auditors.

Why use OptimizeIT for your Compliance strategy?

  1. You get a complete set of easy-to-use Compliance tools all in one place.
  2. You have the ability to pick and choose individual tools in order to address ad hoc compliance issues or partially completed projects.
  3. You can document key IT controls, processes, and procedures for easy reference whenever needed by auditors, executives, or stakeholders.
  4. Your completed toolset will help you justify compliance spending, staff compliance roles appropriately, and demonstrate compliance by individual law or regulation.
  5. You will be able to build a holistic compliance program that allows IT to take a proactive stance towards compliance and to maintain a consistent compliance stance.

What You’ll Get From the Compliance Program

We'll supply the tools to help you...


  • Learn how compliance affects the IT function by linking business processes to IT procedures, applications, and data.
  • Examine specific legislation and industry-driven requirements to help determine what form the enterprise’s specific compliance initiatives will take.


  • Evaluate and prioritize known compliance gaps into a series of tasks or projects.
  • Communicate IT’s efforts to executives and other stakeholders using a portfolio-based approach.
  • Report on compliance efforts to managers and auditors in a timely and consistent fashion.


  • Establish a repeatable system where controls are monitored and recorded in the event of future audits.
  • Demonstrate proof of compliance through the use of standardized tools, templates, and reporting frameworks.
  • Ensure ongoing integrity of internal controls of the organization, as well as third-party providers.

You'll Have Access to a Complete Toolbox:

  • Compliance Impact Assessment
  • Internal Control Identification Tool
  • Policy Assessment Tool
  • HIPAA Security Assessment Checklist
  • GLBA Security Assessment Checklist
  • SOX Compliance Assessment
  • PCI Security Assessment Checklist
  • FRCP Readiness Assessment
  • Compliance Gap Prioritization Tool
  • Compliance Issue Log
  • Work Plan Template
  • Change Communication Worksheet
  • Project Status and Cost Report Tool
  • Compliance Portfolio Tracking Tool
  • Best Practice Framework Selection Tool
  • Control Self Assessment Tool
  • SDLC Control Sheet
  • Access Control Test Sheet
  • Data Classification Guide
  • Information Technology Standards and Guidelines
  • Compliance Checklist for Requirements
  • Compliance Staffing Tool
  • Job Description: IT Controls Auditor
  • Job Description: Chief Privacy Officer
  • Job Description: Corporate Compliance Officer
  • Job Description: Sarbanes-Oxley Project Manager
  • Job Description: IT Asset Manager
  • Job Description: Chief Risk Officer
  • Compliance Management Software Readiness Assessment
  • Service Provider Compliance Assessment

Measurable Results:

Developing and adhering to a coherent Compliance program will allow you to better address legal and regulatory requirements and meet business needs.

  • Understand and address compliance requirements from an IT perspective.
  • Minimize risk by having complete, accurate, and repeatable internal controls and documentation.
  • Strengthen IT’s position in the organization by demonstrating value.
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