Technical Infrastructure Direction

How well will your current computing and networking technologies help you achieve the company's top priorities? What additions, improvements and changes are necessary in the near-term, medium-term, and long-term?

These questions are addressed by your Infrastructure Direction.

Your Infrastructure Direction needs to consider the health of existing infrastructure components and their suitability in the future of the enterprise. Infrastructure Direction is composed of two steps:

  1. Assess Current Technical Infrastructure.
  2. Develop Technology Strategic Direction.

When you have completed the Infrastructure Direction program you will have:

  • An inventory of current technical infrastructure components.
  • A good understanding of how well current infrastructure is suited to support company strategic priorities.
  • A set of improvement opportunities to fill in gaps or to make improvements to the computing infrastructure.

Infrastructure Direction should be revisited periodically, at least annually, or when there is a significant course correction in corporate direction

IT Strategy

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