The purpose of the Leadership section is to give IT leaders guidelines for improving their teams and their leadership skills. First, leaders are reminded of the enterprise’s current IT roles and responsibilities. Second, leaders are guided on how to create strong teams. Third, leaders are encouraged to consider what type of leader they are and want to be. Finally, leaders are guided in communicating departmental goals both within and external to their department.

The Leadership section involves four steps:

  1. Organizational awareness
  2. Team-Building
  3. Leadership planning
  4. Communicating with business units

When you have completed the Leadership program you will have:

  • A mapping of the organizational structure in order to put all the employees, roles, and teams into context.
  • Suggestions for organizing and evaluating teams.
  • Plans to improve leadership skills for yourself and others.
  • The templates and tools for communicating department success and challenges to others either internal or external to your department.

Leadership practices are centered around the idea that to be an effective leader is to take a holistic view of leadership. Look at the picture from all angles: yourself, your team, and your organization.

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Steps Tools Related Research
FastTrack Activity Word Document Leadership FastTrack Tool  
Include Job Descriptions for All Existing Roles Word Document Job Descriptions Template  
Develop and Communicate an IT Organizational Chart PowerPoint Document Organizational Chart  
Communicate IT Departmental Goals Word Document IT Mission and Vision Statement Template
Word Document Departmental Goals Template
Communicate IT Initiatives Word Document IT Annual Report  
Create and Manage High-Performance Teams Word Document A Checklist for Team-Building
Word Document Team Selection Tool
Word Document Team Charter Template
Word Document Employee Recognition and Reward Program
Include Team Optimization Processes Word Document Six Hat Problem-Solving Tool
Word Document Team Brainstorming Template
Evaluate Your Leadership Approach Excel Document Leadership Skills Inventory
Excel Document Leadership Assessment and Action
Plan for Improvement Word Document A Personal Approach to Planning for IT Leadership Success
Develop a Communication Plan Word Document Communication Plan Template
Excel Document Communications Scheduling Template
Communicate IT Operational Strategies Word Document IT Operations Plan Template  
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