Incident Response

Compliance efforts vary across industries and apply differently to enterprises, depending on organizational size, structure, and complexity of the IT environment. These compliance needs may be driven by government legislation, corporate initiatives, or related businesses that require their partners adhere to industry standards.

Regardless of the drivers behind compliance, one particular need remains common to all IT departments faced with a compliance challenge: to demonstrate compliance to auditors, executive management, and stakeholders. When word comes down to the IT department of emerging (or changing) compliance needs, it drives a reactive IT response. This response can be broken down into three steps:

  1. Identify Impact of Compliance
  2. Prioritize and Plan
  3. Report on Compliance Efforts


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Steps Tools Related Research
FastTrack Activity
Word Document Business Impact and Risk Assessment FastTrack
Identify IT Controls that Meet Compliance Requirements
Excel Document Compliance Impact Assessment
Excel Document Internal Control Identification Tool
Excel Document Policy Assessment Tool
  1. How to Identify Control Objects for Compliance and Governance
  2. Controls for Compliance: When "Good Enough" Is Good Enough
Optimize Response to External Requirements
Word Document GLBA Security Assessment Checklist
Word Document GLBA Security Assessment Checklist
Excel Document SOX Compliance Assessment
Word Document PCI Security Assessment Checklist
Word Document FRCP Readiness Assessment
Gain Positive Assurance of Compliance
Excel Document Work Plan Template
Word Document Change Communication Worksheet
  1. Manage Project Issues to Avoid Nasty Surprises
  2. Eight Downfalls of Organizational Change Efforts
  3. Eight Communication Tips to Make Changes, Not Enemies
Issue Reports to Stakeholders, Owners, and Requestors
Excel Document Project Status and Cost Report Tool
Assemble Compliance Inventory and Portfolio
Excel Document Compliance Portfolio Tracking Tool
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