HR Management Practices

The purpose of HR Management Practices is to provide the tools to manage the IT human resource lifecycle. This lifecycle begins with the decision to hire new employees and ends with how to manage departing employees. IT must recognize that that their human resources, when managed properly, can be their most valuable asset.

The HR Management Practices involve five steps:

  1. Making the case for recruitment.
  2. Finding the "right" employees.
  3. Hiring and onboarding.
  4. Employee management.
  5. Retention.

When you have completed the HR Management Practices program you will have:

  • An understanding of what additional hiring is required and why.
  • The steps to get through the hiring process, starting with the job descriptions, followed by guidelines for the interview process.
  • A defined process for onboarding new employees.
  • Templates for completing new employee contractual arrangements.
  • Policies and templates to help you manage employees throughout their employment at your enterprise.

HR Management Practices are centered on the hiring process and, therefore, this section should be revisited whenever you consider bringing new employees into the organization.

Talent Management

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Steps Tools Related Research
FastTrack Activity Word Document HR Management Practices FastTrack  
Calculate the Costs Excel Document IT Salary Worksheet
Excel Document New Employee Cost Calculator
Sell the Need Word Document New Hire Business Case Template
Word Document Position Request Form
Word Document Comparing Staffing Options: Permanent vs. Contract
Define Hiring Needs Word Document Job Description Template
Word Document Job Posting Template
Interviews Word Document Interviewing Guide
Word Document Interview Documentation Form
Word Document Checklist for Checking References
Contract and Employment Agreements Word Document Job Offer Request Form
Word Document Sample Job Offer Letter
Word Document Employment Agreement
Word Document IT Contract Template
Word Document Letter of Agreement Template
Onboarding Word Document Welcome E-Mail Template
Word Document New Employee Orientation Checklist
Word Document New Employee IT Resources Request Form
Protect Company Intellectual Property Word Document Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreement
Word Document Non-Compete Agreement
General Policies Word Document Employee Manual
Word Document Employee Status Change Policy and Form
Word Document Travel Expense Policy
Word Document IT Overtime Policy
Word Document Employee Reference Provision Policy
Word Document IT Employee Code of Conduct
Word Document Internet Acceptable Use Policy
Word Document E-mail Acceptable Use Policy
Word Document Telephone and Voicemail Acceptable Use Policy
Word Document Removable Media Acceptable Use Policy
Word Document Password Policy
Word Document Time Off Request Form
Departing Employees Word Document Employee Departure Checkout Checklist
Word Document Exit Interview
Keep Employees Happy Word Document Employee Satisfaction Survey
Assess Skill-Set Gaps Excel Document IT Staffing Worksheet
Excel Document IT Skills Inventory
Excel Document Staff Level Allocation
Measure Resource Capacity Problems Excel Document Maximum Capacity Warning Indicators
Excel Document Evaluating Candidates for Succession Planning
Alternative Work Policies Word Document Flextime Policy and Agreement
Word Document On-Call Policy and Agreement
Word Document Telework Policy and Agreement
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