Business Impact and Risk Assessment

The purpose of a Business Impact and Risk Assessment is to determine the approximate business value of IT assets, to assess the impact the loss of those assets would have on business units, and to assign recovery priorities to the assets.

The Business Impact and Risk Assessment involves seven steps:

  1. Assess threats and risks.
  2. Assess data center vulnerabilities.
  3. Document DRP basics.
  4. Assign value to IT assets.
  5. Assign prioritization to assets.
  6. Determine costs versus risk tradeoff.
  7. Maintain risk plans.

When a Business Impact and Risk Assessment is completed, you will have a complete list of the risks specific to each IT asset, as well as risk reports and profiles for the business impact analysis. Consider revisiting your Business Impact and Risk Assessment annually.

IT Continuity Planning

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FastTrack Activity
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Inventory Corporate Assets
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Identify Threats/Risks Specific to Assets
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Identify Existing Mitigation
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Summarize the Operational Analysis
Word Document Operational Analysis Summary
Conduct An Audit of the Data Center
Excel Document Data Center Security Audit
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Conduct Probability Assessments
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Document Business Structure and Key Stakeholders
Excel Document Disaster Recovery Planning Workbook
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Plan Against Downtime/Loss of Asset
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Conduct a Business Impact Analysis
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Word Document Technical Risk Analysis Report
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Prioritize Recovery by Impact to Business Units
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  1. Calculate IRR to Quickly Prioritize Lengthy Project Lists
Document Prioritized Recovery List
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Create Asset-Specific Risk Reports
Word Document Asset Risk Report
Conduct ROI Studies
Excel Document Mitigation Project ROI & Prioritization Tool
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  1. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator
  2. Virtual Servers Lower Business Continuity Costs
  3. Cost/Benefit Analysis Tool
Document, Track, and Manage Risks
Excel Document Request Trend and Analysis Tool
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