Adjust Project Prioritization List to Reflect IT Capacity

After the preliminary ranking of projects, actual resource availability needs to be taken into account. In this stage, IT capacity for completing projects will be measured against the projects that have already been identified as high priority.

This stage consists of two key steps:

  1. Evaluate Resource Availability
  2. Review Proposed Adjustments with Stakeholders

When you have completed this program, you will have:

  • Comparative tables that measure current resource availability against resources required for each project.
  • Printable charts showing project resource requirements during the identified business period.
  • A final priority list of projects chosen for completion, now based on resource availability.
  • Templates for communicating with, and obtaining approval from, senior management and stakeholders.

Completing this program results in an adjusted list of prioritized projects which are aligned with enterprise resource availability, ready to be approved, and able to proceed with implementation.

Project Prioritization

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