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"Your Economy" for HR and IT Professionals

About This Webinar

“Your Economy” for HR and IT Professionals

“Your Economy” for HR and IT Professionals takes all the complex economic mumbo jumbo in the press and makes it accessible to everyone, even those who believe that M1 and M2 are branches of the British secret service (or don’t get this joke). Each quarter, our expert, Dr. Roman Cech, peels back the rhetoric around the latest economic news and tells you what you need to know in a language you can understand.

I hated economics in school – why should I subject myself to more of it now?

For years, CHROs and CIOs have worked hard to help staff develop a better understanding of their businesses. Those efforts though, rarely help staff build fluency about the economies in which their businesses operate, a deficiency that significantly limits their credibility and the contributions they can make. Indeed, many CHROs and CIOs tell us that they don’t feel comfortable discussing economic forces with their peers. Business acumen includes what’s happening outside your firm, not just in it.

Enjoy our quarterly webinar on “Your Economy” for HR and IT Professionals.

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About Our Expert, Dr. Roman Cech

A former Fulbright fellow, Dr. Roman Cech is Professor of Economics, with advanced degrees from Europe and the United States. Dr. Cech advises national governments, multinational companies, financial institutions, and industry associations on the North American, European, Asian, and Latin American economies as well as provides guidance on tax, social security, and budget policy.

Dr. Cech has built a reputation with Boards of Directors and leading executives for translating economic data and technical terminology into practical and easy-to-understand language for people who don’t have a strong understanding of business or economics. That has made him a popular speaker at corporate executive retreats, management conferences, and other company events. His commentary appears on local TV and radio stations and in newspapers.

This Webinar Occured 05/05/2015>

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Roman Cech

Professor of Economics
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