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The Internet of Things (IoT) is connecting everything to everything else, and everyone is talking about it. The future potential for increasing connectedness is limitless, but most IT leaders struggle to find practical applications for the IoT today. The IoT is not a new concept and it is time for organizations to develop practical short-term and long-term plans so they are in a better position to take advantage of the IoT’s increasing potential.

We explored the following to help us understand this topic:

  • What IoT-related initiatives can most IT departments start implementing today to start taking advantage of it and prepare for an even more connected future?
  • What threats will the IoT bring to IT, from both within the organization and from outside of it?
  • Which technology tools will help manage the increasing number of hardware, software, and data assets that the IoT brings? Which type of vendor is positioned to offer this technology?
  • What cost savings can the IoT bring to IT departments?
  • What tools and metrics need to be collected in order to develop and implement an IoT action plan?

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Michael Battista

Senior Manager
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