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Spotlight Research:

Optimize IT Procurement

Buying IT is a difficult task. It is even more difficult to tell if it is being done well. You may have made a purchase, but how do you know you made the right choice?

Join our Senior Consulting Analyst and lead on this research, David Yackness, as he reveals his team's critical insights and action plan for this project.

Some of the critical insights we discussed:

  • Configure your IT procurement process uniquely for each procurement to buy quickly and effectively. Then make the execution excellent and auditable.
  • Have the right tools in place to be objective in balancing cost vs. quality to select the right solution. Track your success over time.

Upcoming Research:

During the second part of the webinar David discussed with Attendees his Upcoming research. 

Demystifying the Corporate Strategy: Do you know where your company is headed?

It is common knowledge that it is good practice to align your IT strategy to the organization’s business strategy. But how do you determine your company’s business strategy?

David will be looking for interviewees to discuss:

  • The difficulties of uncovering the organization’s business goals and objectives.
  • Where to look for hints.
  • How to interpret the information you find.
  • Linking business strategy to IT drivers.

Featured Speaker

David Yackness

Senior Research Director and Executive Advisor, CIO Practice
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