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Spotlight Research:

Optimize an Enterprise Collaboration Strategy

Make sure IT is an enabler, not an impediment, to effective employee collaboration. Join our Senior Consulting Analyst and lead on this research, Ben Dickie, as he reveals his team's critical insights and action plan for this project.

Some of the critical insights we discussed:

  • Social tools use the friend-of-a-friend model to drive superior knowledge sharing and team productivity. Social workflow management is a new trend that uses social collaboration tools to manage projects, pull in relevant application data, and “get work done.”
  • Collaboration strategies must consider how to encourage end-user adoption from the bottom up. For instance, establish a centralized training and development program and appoint “collaboration evangelists” in targeted teams or business groups.

Upcoming Research:

During the second part of the webinar, Ben discussed with attendees his upcoming research.

Develop an IT Strategy to Support Sales: 

New customer channels and technologies are putting pressure on sales organizations to adopt new capabilities that let their reps spend more time on closing deals, rather than prospecting and administrative tasks.

However, many IT organizations don’t have a roadmap in place for how to support sales processes with technology. This causes frustration on part of sales management with IT, as well as missed opportunities for more effective sales process enablement.

Ben will be looking for interviewees to discuss:

  • Optimizing your sales application portfolio.
  • Enhancing sales data quality and integration considerations.
  • Enabling a 360 degree customer view in sales and other customer-facing departments.
  • Providing exceptional mobile support for sales professionals.

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