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EMV is here to stay. With fraud on the rise, and new issuer contract terms coming into play, it is time for organizations to embrace change.

What is EMV? EMV is a global standard for credit and debit payment cards based on chip card technology.

Direct fraud is on the rise. Along with it, the indirect costs associated with these issues are skyrocketing. Thus, as of October 1st 2015, acquirers have instituted new rules that stipulate that merchants will be responsible for any theft that results from non-EMV-enabled terminals interacting with EMV-enabled cards.

With compliance, customer experience, contactless payment trends, and fraud pushing organizations to change, now is the perfect opportunity to update your POS Payment Systems to comply with EMV standards and take advantage of new payment technology trends.

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Larry Fretz

Practice Lead and Executive Advisor, Gaming & Hospitality
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