About This Webinar

Many organizations are unwilling or unable to allocate time to project management. “Project managers” don’t formally report to the PMO; their responsibility for project management gets trumped by accountability for their full-time role (e.g. writing code, maintaining SLAs). PMO directors need to work through this “minimally viable” scenario while building a business case for more formalization and time allocation.

Our Senior Consulting Analyst and lead on this research, Barry Cousins, discussed the overall research POV and offerings for PPM.

During the second part of the webinar Barry discussed with attendees his upcoming research.

The discussion included:

  • When “minimal viability” is viable...and when it isn’t.
  • Project managers who don’t want to be project managers.
  • Management by dotted line.
  • The politics of time.

Featured Speaker

Barry Cousins

Senior Research Director and Executive Advisor, PPM
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