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Make IT a Partner in Enterprise Innovation: Business demand for innovative technology solutions makes it critical for IT to be ready to support business unit innovation, instead of waiting to be asked for help or being bypassed altogether.

It is not enough to build an internal culture of innovation in IT. The business has to trust and believe in IT’s ability to deliver on the promise of innovation. By spearheading an innovative pilot project with a receptive, high-profile business unit, IT can gain credibility and successfully market itself as both a partner and leader in enterprise innovation.

This webinar discussed the following topics:

  • How can CIOs identify the best opportunities for IT led innovation?
  • What should IT’s role be in proposing innovative solutions?
  • How can IT ideate potential solutions and develop strong proposals to present to business unit stakeholders?
  • How can IT sell itself as a partner of innovation and stop being viewed as reactive?

This is an On-Demand webinar:

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